Sweet Devilina

It’s my day to feature a project on the Make it Crafty Blog and today I’m showing a little on how I add Sharp Shadows to my images.  This is something I just started doing myself however it’s simple to do once you can be brave enough to try it out.  For this project I’ve used Sweet Devilina from Make it Crafty and colored her completely just as I would have normally colored.

Now it’s time to get the darker colors out and add some shadows.  Scared you say?  Well, yes, I was at first but adding one or two shadows here or there has helped me over come that and now I don’t mind going all crazy with them.  Sometimes a little too much too!  LOL

For my shadows this time I used the Copic T3 for all the shadows but it’s ok to experiment and use different shades or colors as the technique would be the same.  Anyway, I started adding shadows for areas that I know for sure like under the bracelets, skirt and behind her boot.

Then I went for more obscured shadows or the difficult ones like from her hair, on her ear, on the wings and on her face.  Sometimes it’s hard to add the shadow because it’s changes that area – for example, her arm behind the wing would probably be mostly in shadow from her wings.  However, I didn’t want to have a gray arm sticking out behind her so for these areas I shorted the shadow depth a little and hoped the eye would “forgive” the difference.

That’s about all for today and I hope you can be brave enough to try it out on your next project!  😀

6 thoughts on “Sweet Devilina

  1. Gorgeous work as always and thanks for showing the sharp shadows…definitely makes a world of difference in the depth and dimension with the image.Shelby


  2. Hallo there barbara, just found your blog. Really love your colouring and also thank you for tutorial. It really help newbie like me to learn ^^ Btw, can i ask what colour combo you used for devilina hair? Really love her hair!xoxosilvia


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