Nora Claire Hatter

Just wanted to share with you a tag I had made using one of the Hatter girls – I actually had this one colored up and sitting on my desk for a while now and decided to do something. So I grabbed my trusty diecut tag and put this together. 😀

The stamp I used is Nora Claire Hatter from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and I added a few postage type sentiments in the background from Whimsy Stamps, Vintage Travel Postage. I had later gone in and added pearls scatter around witch really finished it off but had given it away before I could take another picture – so you’ll have to image those for now. LOL

And yes, for those keeping track, I managed to color and make 19 cards this weekend – phew! Now only if I can do it again tomorrow then I’ll finally be on top of things… but only for a week or two. He he he. What I can’t figure out, is should I post them all at once, in large groupings or individually day by day? Hmmm, I guess you’ll just have to find out. ;D

Thanks for dropping by and hope you’ve been inspired to make some tags!

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