I have a fun project to bring you today featuring Some Odd Girl! Our latest incentive at our house is to earn tickets which can be spent on endless screen time… well, not quite endless but 3 tickets at a time. I only wish I could say my house was spotless because they’re trying to earn more tickets than their sisters, but noooo. However, it was a good excuse to make a ticket holder. LOL

This project uses one of the Nouveau Girls, Dancer from Some Odd Girl, which is perfect for my daughter’s personality. She asked me to color it like her and make sure she was “modest” – so I gave her blonde hair, brown eyes, and made the top into a blouse (hiding her belly button with a polkadot). LOL She loves it! 😀

After decorating the front, we glued magnets on the back and then placed it on the refrigerator. Even though it isn’t bursting with tickets, I can at least say it looks lovely on fridge. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!

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