Betty Sally

I wanted to jump in with a little “12 Days of Scary Christmas” action from Simply B Stamps and Day Seven‘s theme is coffins! I had found this wood coffin on clearance around Halloween time and knew I would be needing it for this very purpose. ;D The best thing about waiting so long to use it… ready?… the batteries in the annoying box are depleted. Yeah!

I first painted the box with black acrylic paint and I think I would have spent the extra time adding a finishing coating of some kind if I knew nothing would stick to it! But I was lucky enough to find some glue that worked and had to glue even the stickers down. So much for their sticky-ness. LOL

For my project I used Teen Scene Betty Sally from Simply B Stamps and recycled plastic from a packaging to get her to pop up when the coffin is open. Same thing with the ghosts in the background too. Sadly to say, the chocolate has all been eaten… I discovered the wrappers after coming back into my craft room with a very happy little girl too!

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