Ben in the Rain

One downfall to coloring so many samples for the Sheer Clothing challenge is that I have to make as many projects. ;D So this is my last image placed on a mini journal page… Ben in the Rain by Whiff of Joy. In the corner I had to use a chippie from the Butterfly Swirls from Make it Crafty, of course. 😀

For the challenge, the transparent parts that I created was the entire coat plus the umbrella top. I first penciled in the jeans, shirt, arms, chin and hair, plus I added a wire frame for the umbrella so the transparency would show up better. I practically erased it to nothing and let my memory help me with the lines then I colored in those area trying to make them a little lighter than the exposed sides. Finally, I used a little yellow and lightly colored in the coat and umbrella keeping most of the colors on the edges where possible.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!! Just a last reminder that this challenge, the Christmas-Birthday Blog Hop and my own Blog Candy all end on Wednesday. ;D

10 thoughts on “Ben in the Rain

  1. I am impressed at the number of projects you make! I guess you are not totally human and probably do not need to sleep:-)! Your colouring is so perfect, Barbara! The transparent parts are beautifully done, and I also love the facial features you add:-) All gorgeous! Hugs Delphine xx


  2. OH HECKIE NO!!!Barbara you always have me in AWE! I love everything you do WOMAN!YOU'RE A SUPERSTAR/NOT HUMAN MYGOSH!((TIGHT HUGS))Rubep.ssorry fir my short comment i'm running out to drool on more of your work gotta go! OH YOU NEED TO DO SOME LIVE VIDEOS LIKE ZOES PU PU PLEASE!!! I wanna learn how to do drops.I know I know you told me how but still,LOL! NOW I GOTTA GO DROOL MORE!


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