Zoe Celebrating

It’s another challenge at Make it Colourful and we have an easy one for you this week! Seriously… it really IS easy! LOL Here it is, we want to see your favorite pink combination or even a new pink combination…. basically, you just need to “Colour with Pink!” See? That wasn’t so bad … you can stop holding your breath now.

For my card I used Zoe Celebrates from Make it Crafty plus Round Leaves and Love Heart Swirls chippies. I wanted to use a new combination so for the hair I combined RV11, RV34, RV17, RV19 and RV69. I liked how it turned out but then couldn’t help using a favorite pink combination on the clothes too… so I slipped in some R20, R21 and R22 on the pants and shoes.

The image was so much fun to color – just look at all that hair! I got a little carried away and forgot about where my light source originates from so don’t look too closely. LOL So let’s see what color of pink you color with and join the fun. ;D

Our challenge is sponsored by Bunny Zoe’s Crafts and Nikki she is giving away a £10 gift certificate too! Click on the blinkie below to check it all out. ;D

19 thoughts on “Zoe Celebrating

  1. Very pretty !Pink huh *shudders*… You sure Zoe isnt picking on me ? My least fav colour group… Ach well, here goes lolAj.


  2. boohaaa…who cares about light source. I sure don't – especially onsidering the fact I didn't notice anything before you said it. And then I had to go and look REALLY hard. Eyes sore now. Still nothing wrong.And you ARE using the white of paper in her hair – very well, might I add!Oh, about those RV-s – well the thing is I HAVE them and barely ever use them so had this idea of colouring is cooler hues of all the colours. Usually I tend to go for quite warm and vibrant combos. I must say if you manage to keep the RV-s in control they don't look as bad as I feared, lolHugsAnnika


  3. Ooh Barbara, I had to look at this for ages, cos there's the colouring to admire, but then there's the card itself, I love the background, the layout, and how you placed all your elements. Perfect card really! CoB


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