Sea Shells

Here’s a quick post to make up for yesterday’s project – although, it certainly wasn’t a quick card to make! LOL! I wanted to color up the new Sea Shells images from Make it Crafty and see how realistic I could get them. My daughter was studying shells the other day so I had a few ideas in mind to get started.

To get a good look of all the shells I had scanned them in before cutting them out. Here they all are without the background in the way:

Once I had them all colored it was difficult to find the “perfect” project to use them on. Luck was on my side and I found these shell chocolates in the store and was finally inspired to make a gift set for a great teacher we have this year.

I also used the Ornate Floral Scroll from Make it Crafty but removed all the flowers before printing it out. The dotted background is suppose to give the feel that the scroll is sitting on a sandy beach.

I used microbeads around the card to simulate the effects of sand. I like how these worked out on the white card. Also most of the shells are popped up with foam dots.

Here’s a good look at the tag with a few of the shells added onto it. I’m sure you’ve seen this sentiment stamp before, and along with the kids quotes, it’s one of my favorites too. I loved how it turned out and the teacher loved it too.

Main Stamp: [altered] Ornate Floral Scroll (MiC), Sea Shells (MiC), Good Day (Inkadinkado), and the barcode one

Copic Markers colored on Copy Paper:
-scroll: W4, W6, W8, E50, E51, E53, E55, R32, R37, R39, E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, E49, E57
-seashells: lots of colors, didn’t keep track

Did you know? There is a popular folk myth that holding a conch seashell to the ear can produce the sound of the ocean. However, the rushing sound that one hears is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, including the sounds originating within the human body itself, resonating within the cavity of the shell. The same effect can be produced with any similar cavity, such as an empty cup or even by simply cupping a hand over the ear.
[Seashell Resonance,]

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