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I needed a revamp of my craft area because I was literally being “pushed off” my own desk by two up and coming hobby enthusiasts! (See previous post.) ;D So I recently moved everything around to provide a better space for us all… and when I say everything, I mean everything that could possible move was moved!

So how do you get a craft room? Squeeze all the kids’ beds into one room then take over the extra space and fill it floor to ceiling. Make sure it’s organized enough so the kids “think” they got an playroom out of the deal too. ;D

I’ve set up the right side of the room with my desk and the left side with a table for the kids plus all their toys accessible from the shelves. With the new setup, we can get Grandma, all three misfits and myself together on special days and still get a little crafting done. It’s hard to see from the angle but there is actually two 4-feet tables arranged perpendicular to each other.

For extra, extra storage I’ve had these two large …. cabinet things… ok, I confess, wardrobes from Ikea. (You see, in Texas we have massive closets that are the size of spare bedrooms so we wouldn’t really know what a wardrobe is! LOL) These were the only two things I couldn’t move, mainly because I didn’t want to empty the shelves and also because they’re freakin’ heavy. The picture only shows one unit and just the edge of the second unit – together they’ve doubled my closet space.

Now on to some details. This is an ink pad storage shelf that I used for my Copic Various refills. It will hold about 160 in the top portion and I’m sure I can squeeze a few on the bottom row. The shelf is now provided by Organize More and I like the sturdy yet lightweight feel so it can be mounted on the wall. They even come in colors!

For my rubber stamps, I use the cling mount storage cases from Stampin’ Up! They’re the same size as DVD cases so I bought a cheap shelf at Walmart and filled it. Eventually I’ll get all the labels on the sides and alphabetize them! Yeah!! LOL I set up another DVD shelf on the other side of the closet door where I hold my Cricut cartridges.

Many years ago when a local scrapbooking store was going out of business, they put everything up for sale and I scored this awesome paper rack! (This is hard to find but it’s a Paper Station Merchandiser which is currently found at Display Dynamics.) It’s for 12×12″ paper but I’ve doubled up on each tray and store my 8.5×11″ cardstock. For labels, I cut a small sample from each cardstock color and added a label with the color name, then taped that to the front of the trays so I know which colors to reorder.

So the side of the paper is where the desk starts and that’s where I keep my decorative paper. The 12×12″ paper is in the white box (I think it’s a Jetmax Modular Storage) and the 6×6″ and smaller paper is right next to it in and in the green box (an office box from Walmart). Next to that are my book boxes – boxes that look like books – where I keep some ebellishments such as pearls, brads, tags, metal and and so on. The rest of my embellishments are up in the hutch and most of my tools are stored under the desk.

Continuing left, I have my cubbies for the Copic markers. I got these from Studio3Solutions and I love them! I have three units and each shelf cubbie is slightly slanted back so when I pull one out all the others stay in. When I first purchased them I didn’t have very many markers and now I wish I had at least one more shelf to add to it. Next to the shelves is a pencil sharpener (for those Prismacolor Pencils I’m afraid to use), a lamp that used to be my Grandmother’s, and then just out of view is my paper cutter leaning against the hutch edge.

My newest addition is how I store my cuttting dies. I got this idea from a fellow design team member and had to put one together. Excpet when I purchased the “Magnetic White Board” I didn’t realize it wasn’t actually magnetized so I had to use strips of magnets to actually get the the final result. If I need to upgrade, then next time I’m going to look for a “Magnet Board.”

That’s about it for this revamp and hopefully you got some ideas as well. Good luck!

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