James at the Carnival

Welcome to the carnival! Well, at least, the carnival on a card. ;D I put together this project as an eclectic conglomeration as if it was a box full of memories filled with trinkets and mementos. I used James at the Carnival from Mo Manning and Candy Cart from Make it Crafty.

Some of the embellishments are items scattered around my desk, such as the tickets, paperclip and bottle cap. Although most of them are new items I found when I knew carnival images were coming out! This particular style is more rustic and antique which was a new style that was fun to work with.

Looks like “James” has already won his prize and settling down for some lunch. And what’s a carnival with out a candy cart filled with some Salt Water Taffy? Hmmm, my favorite! I was even lucky enough to find some faux candy in the craft store the other day and had to add it to the card.

Here’s a better view of the Candy Cart and I’ve seen Tilda sitting on it the other day – it was cute. A fun part of using these new Carnival images as it allows me to work on new color combination and this black/gold/red one has been fun.

This was just a little preview of what is to come next week! Grab the badge from the sidebar and mark down in your calendars for next Thursday…. Mo & Zo’s Carnival is coming to town!! (That’s Mo Manning and Make it Crafty coming together with the perfect combination of characters and scenery that you won’t want to miss out on!) 😀 Check out the announcement…

Main Stamp: James at the Carnival (MO) and Candy Cart (MiC)
Patterned Paper: le Cirque (Graphic45)
Chipboard: Love Heart Swirls (MiC)
Metal Die: Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Diamonds

Copic Markers colored on Copy Paper:
-skin tone: E000, E00, E11, E13, R11, R12
-browns: E42, E43, E44, E47
-reds: R21, R22, R24, R29, E09
-yellows: Y11, Y32, Y35, YR24
-greens: G20, YG63, YG67, G28
-blues: BG72, B91, B93, B97
-grays: W2, W4, W6, W8

Did you know?The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce focused on the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere. NOAA warns of dangerous weather, charts seas and skies, guides the use and protection of ocean and coastal resources, and conducts research to improve understanding and stewardship of the environment. In addition to its civilian employees, NOAA research and operations are supported by 300 uniformed service members who make up the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps.
[National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Wikipedia.org]

Prince Edward Island

Welcome to the first challenge of Make it Colourful! This week we are challenging you to use warm colors or cool colors! I made this card using three images Prince Edward Island from Mo Manning and combined it with Peaches of Plenty and Petals and Palings from Make It Crafty.

As you can tell I chose to use warm colors for my card and tried to pull it all out with a warm sunset background. I also found the perfect girl image to go with it.

Challenge: Make it Colourful – Challenge #1
Challenge: Fab ‘n Funky – Challenge #54 (Anything Goes)
Challenge: Papertake Weekly Challenge (Anything Goes)
Challenge: PaperCrafting Journey – Challenge #1 (Use digi)
Main Stamp:
Prince Edward Island (MM), Peaches of Plenty and Petals & Pailings (MiC)
Patterned Paper: Togetherness (CC)
Copic Colors:
-sky: R000, R00, R12, YR000, Y000, Y0000
-girl: E00, E11, R02, R05, R21,
-clothes: GB72, B72, BG75, BG78, C1, C3, C00, YR20, YR21, YR23, E41, E42, E43, E44, E47
tree: E43, E44, E47, G40, G82, G99, YR00, YR02
fence: C1, C3
ground flora: G40, G82, G99, G21, G24, G28, BG93, BG96, BG99, YG93, YG95, YG99, Y35, Y38, E41, E42, E43, R02, R05

Did you know? A chamber organ is a mini pipe organ, often with only one keyboard and without separate pedal pipes, that is placed in a small room. It is often confined to chamber organ repertoire, as often the organs have too little voice capabilities to rival the grand pipe organs in the performance of the classics. The sound and touch are unique to the instrument, sounding nothing like a large organ with few stops drawn out, but rather much more intimate.
[Chamber Organ, Wikipedia.org]

New Years Baby Bella and Bronte

This little Baby Bella was so cute I couldn’t resit using her for one more New Year card. I’ve actually had the stamp for a long time now so I’m glad I was able to use it. 😀

Challenge: Crazy 4 Challenges #68 (Celebrate)
Challenge: Ellephantastic Challenges #22 (New Beginnings)
Challenge: Paper Playtime – Challenge #32 (Faces)
Challenge: Simon Says Stamp Challenges (New Beginnings)
Main Stamp:
New Years Baby Bella & Bronte (MMS)
Patterned Paper: Sweet (DCWV)
Metal Die: Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels One
Copic Colors:
-baby: E000, E00, E11, R12, E44
-dog: E43, E44, E47, E49
-other: G20, G21, RV32, RV34, C3, E40, E41, E42

Did you know? The oldest water clock of which there is physical evidence dates to 1417-1379 BC, during the reign of Amenhotep III where it was used in the Temple of Amen-Re at Karnak. The oldest documentation of the water clock is the tomb inscription of the 16th century BC Egyptian court official Amenemhet, which identifies him as its inventor. These simple water clocks, which were of the outflow type, were stone vessels with sloping sides that allowed water to drip at a nearly constant rate from a small hole near the bottom. There were twelve separate columns with consistently spaced markings on the inside to measure the passage of “hours” as the water level reached them. They were needed by priests to determine the time at night so that the temple rites and sacrifices could be performed at the correct hour.
[Water Clock, Wikipedia.org]


Here’s a celebration card using Mo Manning and Make it Crafty images which always combine so well. This one can also be used for birthdays and other occasions! The sentiment is orphaned stamp from a Stampin’ Up! set but was kept around for its versatility.

The warm color pallet wasn’t as contrasting and the details seam to blend into each other. I added color to the sentiment with confetti and used five different colors!

Challenge: Fresh Brewed Designs – Challenge #28 (Celebrate)
Challenge: Creative Inspirations – Challenge #50 (new stamp)
Challenge: Stampin’ B’s -Challenge #91 (Celebration)
Main Stamp:
Celebrate (MMS) and Crooket Picket Fence (MiC)
Patterned Paper: School Spirit (Crate Paper)
Metal Die: Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels Eleven
Copic Colors:
-skin/hair: E11, E13, E15, E17, W4, W6, W8
-clothes: E41, E42, E43, YR12, YR14, YR18, R22, R24, R27, R29, R89
-dog: YR20, YR21, YR23, YR24
-fence: E41, E42, E43, E44, E47
-confetti: YG63, E42, YG23, BG72, YR14
-ground: YG93, YG97, G99, YG93, YG95
-other: YG63, YG67, BG72, BG75

Did you know? The origin of the hourglass is unclear and is possible that the creator of the first sand clock was an 8th-century monk named Luitprand, who served at the cathedral in Chartes, France. However, it was not until the 14th century that the hourglass was seen commonly, the earliest firm evidence being a depiction in the 1338 fresco Allegory of Good Government painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. The hourglass is believed to have originated in medieval Europe. Hourglasses were very popular on board ships, as they were the most dependable measurement of time while at sea. Unlike the clepsydra, the water clock, the motion of the ship while sailing did not affect the hourglass.
[Hourglass, Wikipedia.org]

Young Love

There is still time to hop along the Make it Crafty blog hop and a chance to win over $200 worth of products including the newly released Secret Garden collection which has been released in digital and rubber! The hop finished Friday 24th and winners will be announced on Christmas! Click HERE to start! I made this card using Young Love from Mo Manning and backed it up with Lovers Pavilion from Make It Crafty.

Make it Crafty is opening up a new challenge blog called Make it Colourful and Zoe has put together an awesome team! I’m excited to work along side some very talented ladies and hopefully learn all their fabulous techniques! 😀 I am very excited so say… I’m a colour addict!

This is the Lover’s Pavilion from the Secrete Garden collection and a fun image to color! I used four different green combinations for the plants to give it more depth and I chose to make the pavilion resemble white stone.

Challenge: Papertake Weekly Challenge – Anything Goes
Challenge: Paper Sundaes – Challenge #49 (Cut it out)
Challenge: Crafts and Me – Challenge #20 (Anything Goes)
Main Stamp:
Young Love (MMS) and Lover’s Pavilion (MiC)
Patterned Paper: Kioshi (BG)
Copic Colors:
-pavilion: E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, G20, G21, G24, G28, G40, G82, G94, G99, YG93, YG95, YG99, R21, R24, R29, V12, V15, V17, Y32, Y35, Y38, YR12, YR16, YR18, C1, C3, B000, B0000, B02, E18, E19, E17, E15, E43, E44, E47, E49, T0, T2, T4
-couple: E3, E44, E47, E49, C00, C1, C3, C5, W8, W6, E000, E00, E11, E13, T2, T4, T6, E41, E42, E43, E44, E47, E49, B91, B93, B95, V91, V95, V99, G20, G21, G24, B02, B11, B12

Did you know? The December 2010 lunar eclipse occurred from 5:27 to 11:06 UTC on December 21, coinciding with the date of the December solstice. It was visible in its entirety as a total lunar eclipse in North and South America, Iceland and northern Scandinavia.
[December 2010 Lunar Eclipse, Wikipedia.org]

Angel with Kitty

You are in the middle of the best blog hop ever previewing the new Make it Crafty images from The Secret Garden Collection!! You should have arrive from the very talented ANNIKA and if you haven’t then start at the beginning with Zoe. Plus I have a second card for the hop posted below so you don’t want to miss that.

This is my card featuring Stairway to Heaven and I paired it up with Angel with Kitty from Mo Manning. I made it for a special friend and it is also one of my favorites from the collection. I love how the colors turned out.

I am very excited about our very first blog hop! As you know, today we are revealing some gorgeous new images with lots of prizes along the way! The hop will end Friday 24th so be sure to get your comments in before then. Here’s a great view of Stairway to Heaven before it was placed on the card.

Your next stop is HERE and is actually a second card of mine, after that, you can head on over to Beccy’s blog. But before you go, don’t forget to collect your hidden puzzle piece below! ;D

DT Blog Hop: Make it Crafty – The Secrete Garden Collection
Challenge: Crafty Creations – Challenge #99 (Angels)
Challenge: Some Odd Girl – Bling Time Two (Stickles & Beaded Silver Pin)
Main Stamp:
Stairway to Heaven (MiC) & Angel with Kitty (MM)
Patterned Paper: Linen Closet (DCWV)
Copic Colors:
-girl: E000, E00, E11, R12, R22, E42, E43, E44, E47
-clothes: C1, C3, E50, E51, E53, E55
-hill: E41, E42, E43, E44, G20, G21, G24, G28, C3, C5
-sky/clouds: 0, C1, C3, C5, BG10, BG11, BG13
-gate: Y32, Y35, YG93, YG97
-birds: B91, B95, B99
-kitty: E11, E13, E15, E17, E18

Did you know? A puzzle is a problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver. In a basic puzzle, one is intended to put together pieces in a logical way in order to come up with the desired solution. Puzzles are often contrived as a form of entertainment, but they can also stem from serious mathematical or logistical problems — in such cases, their successful resolution can be a significant contribution to mathematical research.

The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when John Spilsbury, a British engraver and mapmaker, mounted a map on a sheet of wood that he then sawed around each individual country. Spilsbury used the product to aid in teaching geography. After catching on with the wider public, this remained the primary use of jigsaw puzzles until about 1820.
[Puzzle, Wikipedia.org]