Ladybug Garden

For this project I’ve used Ladybug Garden rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I actually found the image half colored in a stack of papers long forgotten.  It was water damaged and warped and I wasn’t sure if I should toss it out or not.  But I decided to see if I could salvage it and chose a light color palate so I didn’t have to do a lot of blending. 

There is a new Anything Goes Challenge and New Releases from Little Miss Muffet Stamps today.  Come check it out!

Theodore Sleeping

A new challenge has started at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today – it’s “Anything Goes” and you can link up any one of your projects.  Come show off something!  

School has started and it feels good to get some crafting and created a few card kits for this one too.  I used Theodore Sleeping rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps plus some papers from Graphic 45, Mother Goose Collection.  There are a limited number of card kits so get yours before they’re out – Theodore Sleeping Card Kit.

There were four different sentiment strips and I chose to use the “Mother Goose” one.  The other strips say “Bedtime Story,” “Mary had a little lamb,” and “Twinkle twinkle little star.”  I love each of them so which ever one you get in the kit will be lovely on your project.

The lace ribbon tape is actually hand imported from Switzerland courtesy of my sister.  The funny thing is, it was imported from the states to get there in the first place.  LOL.  So this is definitely something that has been around the world!

The edges from each layer have been distressed and sewn.  Then I stapled the sentiment on over the cheesecloth and ribbon to add texture to the background.  The image was colored, cut then I used foam dots to pop it off the page.  Lastly the star was added with a few postage stamps from the same paper.

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Fancy Sunbonnet Flag

I chose to use Fancy Sunbonnet Patriotic Flag rubber stamp and to color the flag to match the pattern paper rather than a country flag.  It decorative paper is actually fabric tape that I was playing with and using the blank flag this way made it easy for me to tie it all together.  I’m waiting for someone to color a big yellow smilie face.  LOL

I kept the rest of it simple, however, I would have liked to had the chance to sew around the layers.  Unfortunately, the needle in my sewing machine broke.  Boo hoo!  Ah, well, that’s a good excuse to head on over to the craft store.  Oh’yeah!

There’s a new challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps, Challenge #144, which is Anything Goes.  Come show us one of your latest projects! 

Skelekinz No Sunshine

This is Skelekinz No Sunshine rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Even though she is colored with vibrant colors, I wanted to make a gloomy card so I selected drab colors for the card base.  If you look, my daughter helped me color it too … that’s the extra white gel pen on the umbrella.  LOL

I’d like to share this card in the following challenges … 

Skelekinz Miss You

There is a new challenge opening up at LMMS – Anything Goes.  For this, I created a project using Skelekinz Miss You rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Along with the challenge is a DT Call for LMMS.  If you are interested in being on the team, make sure to see those details.   

Most of the items on here were bonus supplies from an order received from Lawn Fawn – twine, sequins, and the green/gray paper.  All I added was the stamp, neutral paper (and die), colors and glue.  Simple and easy.  I wouldn’t normally use these colors but I enjoyed how it turned out.  Surprise to me!

Fancy Sunbonnet Winter Birdhouse

I love birdhouses and I love the sunbonnet images, so this is the perfect combination.  For this project I wanted to keep it simple.  I used the Party Banner metal die and Fancy Sunbonnet Winter Birdhouse rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I chose some paper from a Christmas stack I had in my stash which matched great with the birds on the image.  Lucky me that I colored the birds red!  LOL.  I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by this week.  🙂

Fancy Sunbonnet Flag

This may not fit the theme but this is my Thanksgiving card this year.  Say what?  LOL.  I know, I know what you are thinking but it but it really is.  Last Thanksgiving, I was involved in a German project with my sister.  So this card is to give thanks for the great time we had together! 

This is Fancy Sunbonnet Flag from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and I colored the flag to look like the German flag.  I hope one day I can speak Germany fluently.  However, until then, I’ll have to settle for telling you my name, favorite color and what the weather is like. 

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week! 

Fancy Sunbonnet Patriotic Flag

There is a new challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps this week and the theme is all about being thankful.  That theme can encompass thank you cards, giving thanks, blessings, Thanksgiving and so on.  In addition, due to the recent atrocities in Paris, France, the theme was extended to cards of support too. 

I chose to create a card using Fancy Sunbonnet Patriotic Flag which worked perfectly.  The flag is blank, for the purpose of customization, so I colored it to resemble the French flag.  The colors for the rest of the project, of course, are set to follow suit – blue, white and red. 

I have a small selection of international sentiments – most of them are German, French or Spanish.  I selected a French sentiment, GROS {CÂLINS} that translates to BIG {HUGS}.

I ordered some blue knitting/crochet markers from Marika recently and wanted to use one.  I attached an Eiffel Tower charm and then clipped it onto my project.  Here’s a detailed view . . .

Jumbo Birthday Snails

Here’s the full project of my latest Jumbo Birthday Snails from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I colored just the top half of the stamp and cut it out to focus on the top two buddies.  This idea was from Jennifer as she said it was large enough that surely we could use a portion for a standard size card – and she was right! 

I used some Creative Color Placement on this stamp and had some fun.  It wouldn’t have been as easy on the smaller stamp so this size afforded some creativity.  From the top, I tried to make the snail look like he was wearing glasses.  Then this snail can either be colored with a nose or without . . . last time I did without so this time I colored a nose.  🙂  Then the second snail was given a nose, as well, and also a cheesy grin by adding teeth to the smile area.  It think he’s so cute!  Lastly, the third snail, which you can only see a portion, was colored black to look like a rock. 

I then put the rest of the card together using stuff from on my desk, in hopes to clean my desk up a bit.  I’m not so sure it worked, but I do like how the card turned out.  He he he.  Hope you like it too and thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Jumbo Birthday Snails

I finally finished it!  This is Jumbo Birthday Snails (which is a jumbo version of Belated Birthday Snails) from Little Miss Muffet Stamps – if you’ve been on Facebook, you might have seen my back story.  I had sent this image in to get a stamp created but it was in the middle of the night.  So when the magnesium plate came back, we discovered that I had accidentally ordered it at six inches large.  Whoops!  That was twice the size to was really suppose to be.  LOL.

What else was there to do, but to color it up?  So I stamped a couple extra and got a few others involved.  Then I preceded to grab my markers and this is what I came up with . . .

I wanted to go for a realistic whimsical look so I looked at snail photos to get an idea of the shell and snail.  The middle snail didn’t fit in this theme so I tried to make it look like it was covered with a blanket.  Then the streamers were widened and the background was suppose to look like distant foliage.  Lastly the ground was colored to look like a tree branch – at least, I hoped that’s what the looks like.

Here are some detailed shots…

The card measures 6.5″ square so it will have to be one that I personally deliver or something.  LOL.  My daughter also wanted to color one, so this is her project and what she did with the stamp . . .