Felted Mice

There are so many adorable felted mice out there.  My Mom showed me a pin cushion Felted Mouse from Suzie of Crowsnest Pass from TDIPT Mercantile and asked if I could make a couple for her.  This isn’t exactly but they do take after hers.  The mouse is needle felted and the strawberries are sewn with sheet felt.  They are sitting on vintage wooden spool that are very very old.  I have forgot exactly but I was impressed how old they were. 

Felt Sewing

Here are a few felt animals/critters that I’ve made over the past few weeks.  The dog and elephant are patterns from the Pipsqueaks Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations book.  I’ve done the elephant before so it was much easier to second time.  The dog was altered to have longer ears and to be larger than the pattern.  Then the inside of the ears was given a pattern fabric lining.  I don’t remember where the snail came from but was an adaptation of one I saw on Pinterest.


Here’s a dryer wool ball that I felted a face head and tale on so it would look like Shirley from Shaun the Sheep.  Such a fun show to watch and now this gal and tumble around all day . . . or at least on laundry days. 

Platypus and Turtle

I was working on a few felt friends this weekend and wanted to share them.  The platypus is a pattern from the book is “Pipsqueaks, Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love” by Sally Dixon.  Then from that, I altered the idea and made up the turtle.  These little critters are only about 2.5 inches. 

Evelyn Inchworm

This is Evelyn Inchworm which is a critter from Wee Wonderfuls pattern book.  I didn’t use the pattern from the book but winged it.  The glasses are Barbie Doll accessories and are a bit too big but I tied them in the back and tried to make it work out.  They stick out a bit more than I want but I think it’s OK. 

Pipsqueaks Elephant

I found this adorable book while traveling this summer and had to make the elephant on the cover.  The inside has many other cute animals too, and I’m currently working on some strawberries, but it was the elephant that sold me.   Pattern and ides is from the book is “Pipsqueaks, Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love” by Sally Dixon.

Since I was traveling, I didn’t have anything on hand … but I soon did!  I now have a nice little traveling sewing box that I can use to continue creating these felt animals. 

Unless you have to have the elephant, like I did, then my suggestion for the book would be so-so.  Other 3D animals are in the back section such but are limited to a platypus, tiny puppy and some mice.  Almost all the other projects are 2D items such as finger puppets, keychain tags or token envelopes – those aren’t really my style but I think my kids can enjoy creating them. 

I categorized this under “felting” because it this tiny elephant is made from sheet felt, however, they are embroidered together instead of needle-felted.  This will just be an all-purpose felt category.  Enjoy! 

Dimensions Hedgehog

Feeling a little felty?  He he he.  I have another felt friend that I finished – this one is a Dimensions Hedgehog needle felting kit.  I like the needles that come with the Dimensions kits so I’ll probably buy a couple more.  This turned out close the instructions but not exactly – I had trouble attaching the feet so I changed the angle a little.  It still works out but I need to practice that technique a little more.