Oak Tree Girl

This cute stamp is Oak Tree Girl from Wee/Whimsy Stamps.  I had fun coloring this one and adding all the autumn leaves.  I’ve been looking for robins when I travel because I remember them from when I was a kid.  I don’t see them here in Texas or maybe they are just seasonal.  Most of the birds that I colored in the past were blue so this was a nice change. 

The face is actually the best part for enjoyment.  I love to give extra details and to brighten the eyes so this shows a comparison of a before and after.  The original eyes were used for the pupils and I built up the rest around them with Copics.  

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Sugar ‘n Spice Dolls Chili Pepper as Frankenstein

This is my Frankenstein creation – complete and alive on a card.  I thought it would be fun to use the Lawn Fawn Polaroid stamp.  Frankenstein was created from Sugar ‘n Spice Dolls Chili Pepper from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  For a limited time, you can get that stamp for free and give it a try yourself.  Muah ha ha ha

There were a lot of conversions on this stamp . . . first the arm was amputated and the shirt decal was removed before I printed it out.  (P.S. Check the TOU before you do this to your digital stamp as some companies don’t allow this.  You are free to do this with a LMMS stamp just as long as you still give credit to LMMS.)

For coloring, I converted the eyeglasses to thick eye brows then added large stitching and neck bolts fitting for a Frankenstein.  Lastly, I added the tears in the shirt and colored a striking background.  (Oh yes, pun intended.  LOL).  This are all fun to do and hope you can give it a try too.  Have some fun! 

Carefree Elise

This is Carefree Elise from Make it Crafty, but maybe you don’t recognize her. You don’t?  LOL.  I used some Creative Color Placement and took up Zoe’s Zombie Challenge.  Happy Halloween! 

I made lots of transformations but first sketched it out on a second image.  Not all my ideas made it to the final project but that’s the way of things.  Here are a few things I did:  Her face was scratched by some beast and ripped her nose off and part of her chin.  She probably fed them to her pets or nibbled on it herself and this new look makes things easier to smell anyway.  I’m sure that her brains have been eaten and that’s where the snake are living – so she uses the hat to keep them from falling out. 

Her skin is suppose to be a rotting green with some bruising.  I’m not sure that worked out but I think it’s putrid enough to pass as a Zombie.  Regardless, it’s rotting enough that she’s started using bandage wraps to keep herself together.  The bugs crawling around and the barbed wire were elements that I included to add to the creepy theme.  I wasn’t sure what to do with her eyes so I went with a bright green for a spot of color that would lure your attention. 

The image was colored with Copics on printer paper; plus I used a pencil on the bandage to add the hash texture.  This is a digital stamp that I printed out at 90% lightness, but however light I put it, there are always residual printer dots.  On the real life project, these aren’t as pronounced as what I see in my photos. Hopefully you can see past that and enjoy the image.  Well, enjoy it as much as you could a Zombie image.  LOL 


I hope everyone had fun with the challenge this month to try out some creative color placement!  I’ve seen some brilliant ideas implemented and have really enjoyed the challenge.  😀  Coming in towards the end of the month, I have another one to add to the collection.  This is Aleisha from Make it Crafty colored with Prismacolor Pencils. 

And for the transformation to take full effect on your eyes, here’s the original image as found in the Make it Crafty store HERE.  I added ears and extended the bows.  Then the nose, face and whiskers were colored as a fox, of course.  The rest of the image is as-is.

The background was colored with various greens to make it look like a blurry leafy background.  Did it work?  Not sure but I still like how it turned out.  😀  I doodled around the outside then placed her on a simple card.  Here’s the final card…

Lastly are is a picture of the hair details.  I tried to work on the highlights and shadows in the hair strands – and getting that using different colors instead of light and dark.  I have about 7 colors from black to yellow.

Make it Crafty Images:
To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.

Ribbon Tilda

I’m giving this another go and wanted to enter the Totally Tilda challenge this week which is to add wings.  I decided I’d be a little creative when it mentioned “or you could have a go at stamping them, or simply drawing them in.”  Sounds like this is a job for “Creative Color Placement!”  For my base image, I used Ribbon Tilda (aka Ribbon with Heartstrings).  I colored it with Prismacolor Pencils and drew in the wings behind Tilda.  Then started coloring the rest, giving her red skin and a few extra features.

Here’s the original Magnolia stamp, Ribbon Tilda from the Sweet Christmas Dreams 2011 release. 

I colored in horns with piercings, more hair, ears and a face, wings (of course), and a tail.  I started with a crocodile face but with the wings she turned into more of a gargoyle or Hell Boy (er… Hell Girl) so I completed the ensemble with the tail and red skin.

I’d like to enter this into the following challenge:

Giant Flower with Razi Petal Sprite

The Make it Colourful challenge this month is to (1) Easy: Color with non-traditional skin tones or (2) Hard: try Creative Color Placement by changing the look of an image through the coloring medium only.  This was right up my ally so I joined in with the hard challenge, of course.  The coloring medium I used are graphite pencils: 2H, F, 2B, 4B and 6B.

Sometimes the hardest part is selecting an image to color and for this project, I used from Giant Flower and Razi Petal Sprite from Make it Crafty.  I merged these two digital images together then started to plan out what I wanted to change.  Most of the time I color faces on faceless characters so my goal was use a non-character image.  I knew with the Giant Flower I could pull something off in the center, however, I still wanted a character and that’s how Razi came into the picture.

I’ll show you the original picture below (images from the MiC store) but for now… see if you can identify what I’ve changed.  There are some obvious ones but I’m sure there will be a few that you miss.  And if you DO miss some, then I like to count that as a success in being able to incorporate the differences in with the image.

The butterfly also has some chipboard corner embellishments from Make it Crafty too – did you see those? You can check out the store and look at the images and here they are merged in the same scene.  Thanks for dropping by!

Make it Crafty Images:
(plus chipboard corner embellishments)
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