Donkey Tomte Cthulhu

Here are a few various crochet projects that I’ve worked on this season. Hope you enjoy the inspiration.

This donkey is to fill out my nativity scene. I used the pattern book from Nativity Crochet kit by Kati Galusz. All of the people are finished so I’m going back to add animals. I made a lamb (shown in the corner) but the yarn makes it difficult to see so I’ll be making another one of those. I didn’t have a grey in my stash so I might make another donkey in that color next season. We’ll see.
This is a Swedish Tomte that I made and created the pattern myself. I used yarns from the stash.
This is one of my favorites and is a Cthulhu pattern from Rural Rebellion. It was simple to put together except for the tentacles and wings which were difficult to look relaxed and coordinated but luckily no one was watching. It went together in a day. I made all the parts then stitched the wings and arms into the body as I went along. It’s quicker than to come back in and attach them later and I feel that I get a better grip.
Last on the list is a small hat for a Calico Critter bunny. I thought the yard was too thick but hay, it’s finished and it mostly fit.

Penguinish Monster

I don’t really have a good name for this monster but it seems to look like a penguin monster. This is another monster from the Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord crochet pattern book.

The yarn is baby blanket yarn so it’s really soft but it was bulky to work with. The hook size was recommended as M but I used a L – but even then it was too large so I removed about a dozen rows from the standard body form.  Turned out great and A+ approved by my kids.


Another monster from the Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord pattern book. This one was started by my sister who did the body, arms, legs and ears.  So really all I had to do was the antlers, eyes, muzzle and tail.  He’s a brother to Cauli and they will both be loved by brothers too. For his name, I wrote down all that I thought he was … penguin, deer, bunny, dragon… then used letters from each to create the name.


Here’s my next monster from the Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord pattern book. This one was my own idea. I wanted try introducing a color gradually, change colors on the toes for claws, and finally tackle those elusive spots. 

This monster I’m calling “Cauli” because the top head part looks like a head of cauliflower.  I thought the slow addition of color was a great transition and I wish I would have started it sooner, maybe 2 rows earlier on the head, 8 rows earlier on the body and 4 rows earlier on the hands.  The toes weren’t as bad as I thought they would be and the color change turned out to be a breeze.

From this view point you can see the color change nicely on the head. The spots on the back were difficult to learn but once I figured it out, were easy to add in. I wish TOFT would have had a video of that stitch because I felt their book was missing at list one more picture on it.  But my Mum came to the rescue and hunkered down to figure it out for me.

My only regret is I wish the legs were longer but the kids are enjoying this one so that’s all that really matters. 


Here’s another crochet monster from Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord. This one isn’t actually a monster, as you can see, but it still uses the same base, arms and legs pattern. The ears and tail are modified a little from the pattern and the eye patch, nose and paws were easily made up.

This is “Steve” which is named after Steve Burns for Blue’s Clues. (Hence the blue paw which is handy for leaving clues.) The idea came about after seeing these adorable Scrappy the Happy Puppy Slippers from One & Two Company.  I only had a little blue so I did the ear first and was hoping I could get another arm but there was just enough for a print. … and a blue paw print for us means it’s gotta be a Blue’s Clue!  So, this puppy’s name had to be Steve.

I have done the “required three” monsters and so now I can have creative freeform on any other monsters but my goal is to use up the extra yarn I have. This one, however, I went out and bought some brown and blue – so if that is a telling sign then I might not ever use up all the extra yarn. LOL