Polka Dot Pals Danielle

Get ready, I have a project for you to drool over!  How do I know… cuz I’m drooling too.  LOL  This is the Linking Train scene I created last week and have put it on a journaling page.   It allowed me to use a slightly larger surface and also fit the linear size a bit better.  And true to form… I’ve added everything but the kitchen sink to the page.  Beaming!

I’ve normally skipped out on an extensive supplies list but this one needs it!  Let’s see if you can spot everything (and hopefully I didn’t leave anything off either.)

From Little Miss Muffet Stamps
Gears chipboard from Make it Crafty
Simple Stories I Am 6×6″ paper
enamel dots
clouds metal die and white felt
“Admit One” ticket 

FAVORITES for the week ending January 20, 2018

Roxi Sprite

The challenge this month at Make it Colourful is”Two-tone Monochromatic and Abstract Background.”  It’s a mouthful but it’s nothing to be afraid of.  The gist of the challenge is to use two colors and color your image, one on each side them blend them together.  I choose to work on this scene and each object is blended this way.  The images I used are Roxi Sprite and Hideaway Castle from Make it Crafty.

I chose red and blue and wanted to create n eerie scene but then after it was all colored, poor Roxie Sprite was lost.  It was a good thing I went for the background first so I decided Roxie should be a white ghost.  I also colored the sky black which helped to make her stand out more than the scene.

Here’s a close up of Roxie which shows how simple I kept the coloring.  I used C5, C3 plus a little R12.   Then to draw in the attention, I gave her glowing eyes.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a wonderful week!
Make it Crafty:

To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.

Mushroom Forest

The crazy challenge at Make it Colourful this month is all about an atmosphere perspective… meaning to show the depth of the picture as it fades back into the distance.  Zoe provided with a description, samples and design team inspiration that you can read all about it.  For me, I started with the Mushroom Forest from Make it Crafty and then tried to figure out what I was doing.  LOL

I used the forest example, from the challenge post, and tried to mimic the color of the trees.  Using the back part as the most lightest then coming forward to a darker gray.  But then at the foreground I started to make the mushrooms lighter.  I was using all gray colors knowing that I was going to go back in and use colors.

When I add the colors, I used the most in the foreground and then faded out to not using any at all in the background.  This way I was able to keep the gray colors showing in the background.

Here’s what the image looked like after I had used the Copic markers on it.

I was happy with how the colors turned out but I’m not too happy with how the Prismacolor pencils and the Copic markers blended … or rather…  not blended together. I think it was the paper I was using but the next time I think I’ll stick with one or the other.

Finally I placed my project on a journal page and decorated it.  Thanks for coming by and I hope this helps you in your trial for the challenge this month!  😀

Make it Crafty: 
To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.

Seductive Barb

I wanted to share the details of my challenge project for this month and is one that I’ve enjoyed very much.  It has a little bit of everything to keep me happy… coloring, character, background and chippies. LOL Plus working with browns was the added bonus!

For this project I pulled out the journal and added another page.  I also combined it with the Australian Day challenge and a lifelong dream of mine… I’m sure putting it all together will easily reveal that I want to be Seductive Barb visiting Zoe in Australia.  🙂

I hope this inspired you and come on over to join the Make it Colourful challenge this month!
Make it Crafty Images:
To see the post on the Make it Crafty page, click HERE to view post.

MiC Alice in Wonderland Release

It’s time for the Make it Crafty to pour a round of drinks at the super special tea party celebrations! Not only are we celebrating the magical release of Alice in Wonderland, but Make it Crafty has turned 3! All thanks to YOU, the incredible artists and the amazing Make it Crafty team!

Let’s dance around from chair to chair, sipping a drink, eating a cake, shrinking then growing with excitement as you watch the entertainment unfold before your eyes. Be careful not to miss the hidden words as you’ll need to collect them along the way and string them all together to form a quote. Simply enter the quote at the end of the hop for a chance to win!

Hopefully you’ve found your way from TRUDIE
but if you’ve just skipped a chair or two you might want to start back at Zoe’s Blog.  

For my project I’ve used three of the newest images and composed a page in my art journal.  It’s been a while since I added a page in there and these kinds of releases are perfect for that.  😀  The images I used are Alice, Hidden Hole and the Chesire Cat.  Many of the embellishments are from Zoe herself (thank you!) and my favorite by far are the gumnut thingies on the lower left side.  I only had three and wish I hadn’t used them up so quickly since those are they’re surprisingly a rarity here in Texas.  Zoe… you need to send me more!  LOL

Now for the best part of this post… a small tutorial on coloring the tree.  Now, mind you, this isn’t a tutorial on “how to color,” rather it a breakdown of how each color is applied.  (For a small giggle regarding tutorials, click HERE and see “How to Draw The Tick.”)
For the tree, I used much the same technique as coloring hair.  The colors I used are Copic E57, E55, E41, E44 and E47 and each panel shows how that color was applied.  I started with a mid-tone brown and worked my way up to the lightest color. Then to add more depth, I went back to a mid-tone brown and finally a dark brown for the darkest areas.

There are many different ways to color this tree especially when you get down to the knotty parts.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them myself until the fourth color!  I thought if a tree like this is going to have a large hole into Wonderland, then a small concave area would be fitting.  You can also fill the area around with all grass or all wood… it’s quiet the versatile little tree.  
The fun doesn’t stop here and if you head over to JENN’s blog
she’ll be sure to treat you with even more fabulous inspiration!

Rocker Chick

Let us Entertain You!!
It’s SHOWTIME at Make it Crafty!
We’re a tapping our heels together with a tap a tap tap,
Clanging the symbols and beating the drums with a bang a bang bang,
Pulling rabbits from hats and lifting our legs – oooooohhh ahhhhhhh,
Singing our hearts out and jamming to the beat –  doo do do daaaaa…

You should have arrived here from the amazing JENNY!
(If you’re lost you can start at the beginning with ZOË.)

It’s time to be entertained at Make it Crafty with the
new Entertainers Collection of digi and rubber stamps!
You’ll find all the new digital stamps here and you can now pre-order the rubber stamps here!

You can’t have a GRAND SHOW without a DOORPRIZE!
Hop on through to be inspired and leave comments along the way for your chance to
win hidden prizes and be in the draw to win one of the grand door prizes!
One person will win the full collection of digi stamps
and another will win the full collection of rubber stamps!

I’ve been wanting to color the Messy Room for a while and when I saw this Rocker Chick, I thought it would be the perfect combination!  Plus I’ve had the sentiment on the shelf just screaming to be used!  LOL  The official names of the products used from Make it Crafty are Rocker Chick (which is part of the Paper Rock Scissors Band – very humorous and a perfect band name), Girl’s Messy Bedroom and the Fancy Ribbon Sliders chipboard.  I think the quote is Inkadinkado Rockstar.

So is anyone a guitar player?  If you are, you can probably figure out the chord she’s strumming!  My fingers are all thumbs when it comes to music but that doesn’t mean I don’t try!  LOL  Now if I can only get more than my dog to sing along with me.  He he he

You’re next stop in the hop is the talented ÅSA!

Thanks for coming by and we hope you’ve enjoyed the show!!

Cleopatra in the Ancient Egyptian City

Make it Crafty this week is having a “Walk Like an Egyptian” theme which matches perfectly with the latest release.  If you haven’t seen all the fun images you need to check them out! I’m joining in on this week for fun because I was lucky enough to have two projects using those image and wanted to share them both.  This time I created a journal page.

Many time on my journal pages I color the background and the characters separate.  Then I cut out the characters and place them on the side of the image or next to the background image.  However, this time I wanted Cleopatra to be standing in the center of the action and didn’t feel like fussy cutting.  So I merged the images before printing then only had to fussy cut part of the character. 

On the journal page, I switched things up a bit and add my ribbon vertically instead of the traditional horizontal.  I think it helps with the illusion of the pillars being tall but in reality, it just looked better to me.  😀  Then the rest of the embellishments were grabbed here and there and added.  Not sure that there is much meaning into it other than my thought process was … old, Egyptian, collections, then trinket box.  Does it work?!  LOL

The sky was colored with blues then I went back in with grays and darker blues to color in clouds.  Finally the blender marker was used to take away those colors in the clouds and this is the effect that it creates.  They’re kinda fluffy looking and I liked how they turned out.  It was pretty easy so I’ll be trying that again!

I debated how to color the city and finally decided to color it all the same to look like sun-bleached sand on a dry desert day.  Then I added some shadows with BV23 and a little color here and there on the greenery, baskets and market stands.  For the most part, the sun is shining down from the upper right corner of the image so I could have Cleopatra’s face stand out more.  This was a different spot from where I normally put the sun (upper left) so there are a few mistakes – lucky for me, none of them stand out.  he he he

I was able to contrast Cleopatra in a white and black dress with lots of gold.  Compared to the town, I really wanted her to stand out like royalty would have.  The dress uses cool gray colors and I used warm grays for her hair.  The shadows were added with BV23 which seems to be working out with most colors.

This project was colored with Copic Markers on printer paper.  Thanks for checking out my project and I hope this has given you some inspiration to play along with us this week!  Here are the images I used…
Make it Crafty Images: