Fancy Marci

Good morning!  In light of Black History Month I thought I would share a combination of skin tones using my Copic markers and give a step-by-step on how to use them.  For this image I went with a dark brown skin tone and you might be surprised at what colors I used for blush!  This image is Fancy Marci from La-La Land Crafts and I’ll make a card with her later on this week and share it once it’s finished.

Update: See the finished project HERE.  😀

Because the LLLC images come with a pupil, I started out coloring the iris so Marci could be watching me color.  Plus it also helped me to define the areas I should not color with the skin tone.  From the bottom going up, I added the colors listed on the side – starting with the darkest colors and working my way up to the lightest.

Then for blush and her lips, instead of using pink, I prefer to use a slightly brown-ish or orange-ish color which blends better with the brown – in this case it was R02 and E04.  Lastly, shadows were given with W5 and W6.  The colors for the dress were selected by glancing at my stack of Valentine papers on my desk so that’s a pretty sure guess at what theme the finished card will look like!  LOL  Until then, enjoy and hope this color combination helps you figure out your next project.  ;D

3 thoughts on “Fancy Marci

  1. That combo makes for a nice darker brown. I may have to try this!! I recently gave up Copic blush on brown. For me, it works if I color the blush before the browns go down; otherwise, I'm using a colored pencil! 😀


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