Queens Cutie

I have another Urban Scene to show of today for the Whimsy Stamps & Make it Crafty joint release blog hop! After all, another journal page is so much better to land upon than a colorless paper test. LOL This one was also inspired by many of those on the blog hop and I had to try out some of the new ideas I saw along the way!

The basic inspiration for my project came from Vicky as I was totally intrigued by the way she used the chain link fence and the city skyline sentiment – I loved that and such a brilliant idea! I merged the images together using layers and used gradation to go from the black sentiment down to the white ground. (Which by the way, I discovered the chain link fence can be merged so tightly together which is so smooth!) I figured merging the image might save me from coloring behind the fence… however, I ended up doing that for the sky anyway. C’est la vie!

For my project I used Kenny K’s Queens Cutie, Cityscape Saying from Whimsy Stamps and elements from the Urban Street Collection from Make it Crafty. When I color a Kenny K image the first thing I do is Google Annika‘s blog to look for inspiration and I’m so glad she had this one colored too. I love the brown colors she used but felt in the mood to use other colors – after all, I can’t copy her 100% all the time, right?

I colored the bench with inspiration from Zoe and Marlene‘s projects and I liked how they made it look like a wood bench instead of concrete… and because most city things are green (don’t know why) I chose to color a green city bench. ;D Unfortunately by time I got to the boom box I was plum tuckered and just wanted to get it finished – maybe later on I’ll color up another one and dimensional it on top of this one to cover it up. That’s my tip for the week! ;D

13 thoughts on “Queens Cutie

  1. Barbara I don't know where to begin, this is gobsmakingly awesome…..I am not worthy of your kind words hun, you really have thrown me here……you begger xxxxxLeaving in Awe and in shock…lol xxxx


  2. Oh Barbara, your scene has such atmosphere, it's wonderful. Vicky had such a brilliant idea with the fence and skyline, and i love how you've taken it up and made this. The both of you are awe-inspiring. CoB


  3. I too loved Vicky's idea of the skyscrapper sentiment behind the fence and just love how you gradiated the background, think you should also do a tutorial, lol. Another AWESOME page, I don't know where you find the time! You rock girl!Hugs Tracy x


  4. Totally AMAZING!!! Love the graduation of black to white with the sentiment – would have no idea how to do that! And I personally can't see anything wrong with yourboom box – they aren't that exciting to look at IRL – LOL. And the green – I think it's to give the impression of a garden in an urban setting – even though we ALL know it don't work!!! Awesome job yet again!xXx


  5. WOWWWWWWEEEEEE Barbara, I don't even know what to say…. Holy Smokes… This is beyond A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!Truly inspirational, I don't think I could even attempt to create something even remotely as awesome as this is.Thanks for Sharing.Hugs,Lynda


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